Hosted PBX Information


  • Hosted PBX’s are only suitable for usage as a PBX. It is not possible to use them for any other service (eg, as a webhost or a file server).
  • We reserve the right to terminate any Hosted PBX for any reason, at any time.
  • International calls are only permitted to New Zealand, North America, China, Japan and India. Other countries can be permitted on request.

Managed PBX Services

Managed PBXs are set up with a simple default configuration when ordered. This consists of a 3 digit extension range (usually from 100 to 1xx), and redundant outbound routes to make calls. Calls are made without a leading digit – for example, if you want to call the mobile 0404040404, you simply dial the number, you don’t prefix it with a zero (or 9, or any other digit).

Further administration of your PBX can be done yourself, or by opening a support ticket (limits apply).

Managed services involve backing up your PBX daily, warm-standby Disaster Recovery services, and if you have purchased a Router from us, management and firmware upgrades of that device.

Unmanaged PBXs

Unmanaged PBXs are maintained on a best-effort basis. Backups are taken, but should not be relied upon. As this is an unmanaged service, you are responsible for your own data.

If there are security issues discovered with your machine (such as a mandatory module or package upgrade), this may happen automatically outside of business hours.

Firewall rules prevent Unmanaged PBX machines from contacting any hosts outside of Australia. If you have a requirement to have your machine receive or transmit data to any other country, please open a support ticket to discuss this.