Managed PBX – 30 Lines (Most Calls Included)

$1,320.00 inc GST / month

Managed PBX, running FreePBX™ 14, with 30 lines (including 10 free additional incoming lines!) and up to 150 extensions.

Most call charges are included (Such as calls to Australia Landlines and Mobiles, New Zealand, the UK and the Upper 48 states of the US) – you’ll never get a bill shock!

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This is a Managed PBX, running FreePBX™ 14, where we do all the setup and maintenance work for you – AND most call charges to Australia, NZ, US, UK etc are included (Fair use policy applies).

With this order you get thirty lines allocated. You can upgrade whenever you wish by adding extra lines to your subscription.

One ‘Line’ is defined as a simultaneous call leaving or entering the system. You can have any number of internal calls, only calls out (or in) are counted. This means you could have 18 incoming and 12 outgoing calls at the same time, as well as 30 calls between internal extensions.

  • Maximum Number of Extensions: 150
  • Maximum number of simultaneous external calls:30
    • BONUS 10 Free INCOMING calls – even if all your lines are in use, you can still receive 10 more calls – if you are making 30 outgoing calls, you can still receive 10, for a total of 40!
  • Access to the full FreePBX GUI: Yes
  • Commercial Modules Available: Yes

Important Requirement: Due to the unreliability of most SIP ALG Routers, and the high volume of traffic, it is a requirement that VPN hardware be used to create a tunnel between site(s) and the AussieVoIP Datacenters. It is recommended that a RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN (RB2011) be used for sites with more than 30 extensions, or a RBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TC (hAP ac2) be used for sites with less than 30 extensions.

Unlimited (see Fair Use Policy) calls are included. Incoming calls to 13xx or 18xx numbers are not included in this plan, and charges for hosting and receiving calls will be quoted at the time.

Please note: All Managed and Unmanaged PBX orders must be verified by a human. Please ensure that you enter a valid (Australian) phone number when checking out. We aim to contact you within 1 business hour of your order. If you have not been contacted within 8 business hours, please open a support ticket.


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